Mixed Media on playwood 60"x 72"  


This is a highly tactile work that incorporates rusted metal and bared wire, silver and copper staples, nails and screws. A router was used to cut the grooves. There are several narratives in the work that can be taken apart and reassembled infinitely. This work asks the viewer to assemble meaning either through fragments of  narratives, the overarching narratives, or their own in combination.


Mixed Media on Plywood 24"x 48" 12.15.15

This highly tactile work uses imbedded materials such as beer cans, nails, staples and rope against the routered and heavily worked surface. it is  based on a crossing from the Welland Canal to I Toronto completed by sailboat as part of a delivery from Detroit.


Acrylic and color pencil on canvas 60" x 72"  7.10.15

This large, process-based work is based on rope rubbings(reference starting point for this work below). I use rope and tied objects extensively as a metaphor for physical existence, where we are literally tied to the present. It attempts to convey multiplicity of place and modern digital diffusion against the emotional and physical gravity of being a human.


Acrylic and color pencil on board 20" x 20"  5.1.15

I am exploring the life cycle of the human spirit with reference to organized religion and the Church. I want to convey a sense of wonder and to open dialogue and questions about modern spiritual perspective.


Acrylic on canvas 28"x 34"     3.10.15

Antique children's blocks are a metaphor for the intersection of memories and dreams. The beads are intended to suggest a continuous story that expands over an infinite number of blocks. Some memories are clear and some are fuzzy. Often we reconstitute and construct our memories to fit the story we make of our lives. 


Acrylic on canvas 28"x34"  4.10.15

This work attempts to show the calculation, mystery and culmination of the human life cycle.


Acrylic on canvas  30"x36"   3.15.15

This process based canvas was wrapped around an antique medicine box and then bound in an effort to imbue it with time and place. The unwrapped canvas retains the marks from its bindings.