"Beautiful Grind"


Beautiful Grind is both a still photo and video project that examines insatiability in capitalism. Our limitless desire is expressed not in the ends that we seek as result of our material wealth, but in our fixation on the means to get there. A bejewelled hamster wheel symbolizes our relentless preoccupation with with means of capitalism.

various sizes digital print



This work is produced by wrapping an object in canvas, in this case a 100 year old chair that my father sat in. The wrapped object is then bound with ropes to fix it in time and space. It is then painted with spray paint, drips, and brushed and drawn marks. The canvas is then unwrapped and flattened before being worked further to capture the spirit of the object..Tension is created between two and three dimensions, and between spirit and concrete reality. "Chair" is an important element of my expanding theory of Digital Cubism.

48" x 60"  Acrylic on canvas